Empowering Your Service

Comfort and compassion alone can’t heal those suffering. It takes funding. It takes Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service. Learn more from the benefits and LCIF’s impact with our Campaign 100 resources.

Campaign Resources

The Foundation of Service

Through LCIF, the grant-making body for LCIF Australia, Lions are enabled to make a positive impact in their communities. Your donation to LCIF Australia fuels grants and programs from LCIF to support Lions compassionate service, benefiting those in need of a more promising future.

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Investing in Our Future

With every Lion worldwide both doing and giving, we’re INCREASING our service impact in vision, youth, disaster relief, and humanitarian efforts; FIGHTING the global diabetes epidemic; and EXPANDING our causes to childhood cancer, hunger, and the environment.

Be part of our historic US$300 million effort and benefit those who desperately need our help.

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Increasing Service Impact and Expanding Global Causes

For decades, we’ve contributed to Lions’ efforts in the focus areas of vision, disaster relief, youth and humanitarian causes. Campaign 100 will help Lions increase their impact on these areas while expanding our reach through Lions’ new global causes.