Regional Statistics

80% of youth said bullying happens at school. 

49% of youth feel there are barriers to achieve study and work goals.

36% of youth believe mental health is an important issue.

34% of youth identify the environment as an issue of national importance.

Statistics from Mission Australia


Leo Service Grant

Leos play such an important role in the service mission of Lions. LCIF Australia values the contributions of young people to their communities as volunteers and service leaders. Anything we can do to encourage and enhance their service is a win for all of Australia.

Criteria and Application

Lions Quest Program

Our most comprehensive program for youth, Lions Quest unites the home, school, and community to cultivate capable and healthy young people through positive social and emotional learning curriculum. Lions Quest’s impact:

700,000 educators have been trained.
18,000,000 youth have been taught positive life skills.
109 countries have implemented the program.
Translated into 49 languages

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