Regional Statistics

In the past 30 years, the frequency and impact of natural disasters has quadrupled.

3,000+ homes have been destroyed across the country since January 2020.

1 billion+ animals are estimated to have been killed from fires as of January 2020.

Statistics from Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Matching Grant

Through matching grant projects, communities gain access to education, technology, health care, safe places for children to play and many other life-changing improvements. Matching grants involve identifying what a community needs most and making it a reality.

Criteria and Application

District Club and Community Impact Grant

Through the District & Club Community Impact Grants program, 15 percent of unrestricted contributions to LCIF are transformed into grants that fund local projects on a club and/or district level.

Criteria and Application

Leo Service Grant

Leos play such an important role in the service mission of Lions. We value the contributions of young people to their communities as volunteers and service leaders. Anything we can do to encourage and enhance their service is a win for Lions across Australia.

Criteria and Application

An Environment
of Giving

We all have a responsibility to keep Australia clean, safe and healthy for the generations after us. You can make a huge impact by donating today.

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